Company Policy

Ferdous Orientals are the inheritors of the great Mughal tradition that once influenced and dominated the world of carpets with its senility and innovation.

As the Mughals did then, Ferdous Orientals does today. With the largest number if looms under one shed, Ferdous Orientals are the biggest manufacturers of high quality hand-knotted woolen carpets in Pakistan and one the largest exporters. Additionally, stock availability is never a problem as we carry of the largest stock of rugs. But what makes us truly great is the creativity and innovation we bring to this field.

Reinterpreting traditional design and colors palettes, blending various artistic movements, refining materials, and improving workmanship, we constantly create works of incomparable freshness and beauty.

Quality Policy

Quality is very important discipline in the textile industry. A quality control department is required to keep a constant visual on the activities in the factory and to ensure that required quality standard are being meet constantly throughout the production process.

Maintaining a long term honest and fair relationship is the core philosophy of art customer strategy we make it a point to go all out to exceed our customer’s expectations by creating then with the finest quality wool carpets.