About Us

Thriving since three generations, Ferdous Orientals Inc. is a leading name in the carpet industry. Ferdous Orientals inc. has been setting a paradigm for perfection in the quality and class of carpets ever since its inception in 1978 at the cultural hub of Pakistan, Lahore.

Company Profile

With an amalgamation of classic finesse and contemporary form, we have succeeded in creating to impress. As the largest manufacturers of the country with extra ordinary collection of premium market goods, we also take pride in our inimitable collection of exquisite carpets with the best looms available. Our commendable partnerships with the world renowned carpet importers, wholesalers and traders is achieved through high maintenance of the eminent quality of our products, and ensuring imperative quantity.

Master prices all! And truly collector’s Items.

From the 16/18 variety of carpets which have won Pakistan worldwide renown and respect, to the unbelievable knotting densities of 40/40, 50/50 and 60/60 Ferdous Orientals has them all.

Our latest achievement is a fabulous piece in wool and cotton with an unparalleled density of 6.35 million knots to the square meter. In addition to our traditional design range, our repertory now includes the Mughal and Agra both true to tradition, and reinterpreted in form and color to suit contemporary.

Our latest collection blends the best of east and west-drawing inspiration from Savonnerie, Aubusson and William Morris. The hallmark of Ferdous Orientals is creativity reliability and services that have won them a large number of friends and customers around the world.

No size of order is too small.


Ferdous Orientals have achieved notable recognition through various awards from around the world. In the past ten years we have become the proud winners of best design and best quality carpets at the successive Pakistan hand-knotted carpets exhibition. Other than that, our export performances have also been appreciated with the best export performance trophy awarded by federation of Pakistan chamber of commerce & industry.